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Welcome to our NimBlog.
And no, we're not sold on that name yet.

Here's where you'll find the latest news, information, thoughts, opinions and, in many cases, nonsense knocking around the heads of our NiMBiN Pot Shop budtenders, support staff and contributors.

We'll be adding tons of content as time goes by, so watch this space. Well, not literally. Just come back and check every once in a while. Don't just, you know, sit there, staring at this page. That's creepy.

G’day from your friendly NiMBiN budtenders! This week we would like to share with you an easy way to make your own (Rick Simpson Oil), most commonly referred to as RSO.  RSO is a concentrated form of cannabis oil made from one pound of good plant material and food grade alcohol. RSO is said to …

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