February 1, 2016 NimBlog No Comments

Getting into pot for the first time—or returning after a long break—can be intimidating.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like the only newbie in the room. What if you don’t know the unofficial rules of smoker etiquette? What if you can’t inhale without coughing?

Don’t worry—we’ve got you. There are simple ways to avoid the dreaded cough, and have a relaxed and enjoyable session.

Buy high-quality

The #1 reason people cough is simple: they’re smoking low-grade stuff. Low -quality weed is cheaper for a reason: maybe it’s still full of stems and seeds, or it’s old and dried out, or it’s just less resin-y than the good stuff. Whatever its fault, cheap weed won’t give you a smooth hit.

Ask your local pot shop salesperson to recommend a good-quality beginner marijuana strain. Don’t be afraid to pay a little extra—your relaxing and soothing session is worth it.

Take smaller hits

Chill out, big guy. You don’t have to prove anything. Start out slow with smaller hits.

Breathe in steadily and evenly until you feel a modest amount of pressure in your lungs, then hold it in. Release after just a couple of seconds.

No coughing? Great! You just took a legit hit like a pro!

Build up your endurance by taking slightly bigger hits each time. Before you know it, you’ll be taking big hits like a champ.

Use warm water in your bong

If you’re using a bong or water pipe, try filling it with warm water instead of cold. The hits will be much smoother. Using hot water may also keep your bong cleaner and more sanitary. Fewer germs lead to fewer coughs!

Pro tip: Don’t use boiling-hot water. It won’t make the hits any smoother, but runs the risk of burning you and maybe breaking the glass.

Use a diffuser

Diffusers are great add-ons for your bong. It breaks up the smoke flow into a bunch of little bubbles. The hit is just as steady, but the diffuser makes the smoke incredibly smooth and mild. For this reason, diffusers are considered essential by a lot of smokers.

Use a vaporizer

While a vaporizer is a bit of an investment, it’s a seriously nifty tool. It doesn’t actually burn weed at all. Instead, it heats the marijuana just to the point where the weed dehydrates and releases a cloud of THC fog into the waiting inflatable bag. You take a hit of this room-temperature THC fog. No rough, hot smoke involved!

Bonus: If coughing is still a problem, try avoiding the smoke altogether. Ask your friendly pot shop salesperson about edibles. Our special THC-enhanced candies, chocolate bars, and more provide the high you want without any smoke at all.