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There’s nothing quite like opening up a container of some pungent cannabis flower that contains those pupil dilating fragrances. One big whiff and, yum! With that mouth-watering thought in mind, have you ever wondered what gives cannabis plants their smell? What are the compounds that create these smells? Further, why would cannabis even produce these …

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Too stoned man freaking out

We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s your first time trying concentrates, or you misjudged the strength of your edibles, or you were just a bit too eager with that epic bong rip in front of your friends. Now you’re feeling anxious, uncomfortable and panicky. You have gotten too high.  Getting too high is an unpleasant yet common experience. We’ve all …

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We’re your friendly neighborhood legal pot shop, and this week we’re talking about the best activities to do when you’re high. Chilling With Your Buds Gets Stale Sitting around just puffing and chilling gets old after a while, you know? You’re in the perfect headspace to enjoy life, so don’t waste it! Get up off the couch …

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