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There’s nothing quite like opening up a container of some pungent cannabis flower that contains those pupil dilating fragrances. One big whiff and, yum! With that mouth-watering thought in mind, have you ever wondered what gives cannabis plants their smell? What are the compounds that create these smells? Further, why would cannabis even produce these …

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man smoking legal marijuana

It’s another great week at your local shop for legal pot, and we’re going to talk about lighting up in Washington State without getting the fuzz on your a$$. Oh, Frabjous Day! December 2012 was a happy month for Washington state, because that’s when Initiative 502 passed, making recreational marijuana legal for anyone 21 and …

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medical marijuana and prescription

There are two different legal systems for getting weed in Washington State. And they’re strictly separated. What’s up with that? How is legal weed different from its older, medical brother? 1. Fast, easy access. If you’re 21 years old or older, you can just walk in to a weed shop and buy some. It’s as …

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Weed has changed since the old days. New smokers ask us a lot: isn’t weed a lot stronger than it was back in the 1960s and ‘70s? The answer is: yes. Studies indicate today’s marijuana is almost 20 percent more powerful than what the hippies smoked back in the ‘60s. But while it’s stronger, it’s also a …

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