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We'll be adding tons of content as time goes by, so watch this space. Well, not literally. Just come back and check every once in a while. Don't just, you know, sit there, staring at this page. That's creepy.

We’re your friendly neighborhood legal pot shop, and this week we’re talking about the best activities to do when you’re high. Chilling With Your Buds Gets Stale Sitting around just puffing and chilling gets old after a while, you know? You’re in the perfect headspace to enjoy life, so don’t waste it! Get up off the couch …

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woman relaxing with green

Another great week has unfolded at your friendly local source of legal weed. Today we’re going to explore the best strains of marijuana for effective pain treatment. Powerful Relief Across the Ages Even the ancients were hip to the power of the mellow plant to soothe pain and pacify killer stress. Chinese physicians knew of …

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man smoking legal marijuana

It’s another great week at your local shop for legal pot, and we’re going to talk about lighting up in Washington State without getting the fuzz on your a$$. Oh, Frabjous Day! December 2012 was a happy month for Washington state, because that’s when Initiative 502 passed, making recreational marijuana legal for anyone 21 and …

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