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Here's where you'll find the latest news, information, thoughts, opinions and, in many cases, nonsense knocking around the heads of our NiMBiN Pot Shop budtenders, support staff and contributors.

We'll be adding tons of content as time goes by, so watch this space. Well, not literally. Just come back and check every once in a while. Don't just, you know, sit there, staring at this page. That's creepy.

We’re your friendly South Seattle legal cannabis shop, and this week we’re going back to basics with one of the most essential weed-smoking skills you can learn: how to roll a proper joint. Smoking Js is one of the most popular ways to enjoy cannabis, and the art of rolling a proper joint is something …

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We’re your friendly South Seattle legal cannabis shop, and this week we’re talking about cannabis-enhanced travel to The Emerald City itself. As one of the most progressive cities in America, Seattle is a great place to find cannabis-friendly events, businesses, and experiences. Enjoy your cannabis and take in all that the region has to offer by following …

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medical marijuana and prescription

We’re your friendly South Seattle legal cannabis store, and today we’ve got a important announcement: we are now an authorized medical marijuana retailer!  We are still selling retail cannabis, of course. (We love you too much to change!) But we are now ALSO proudly able to serve the medical marijuana community. I Just Want to …

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Woman with lots of fresh fruit

We’re your friendly South Seattle legal weed shop, and today we’re giving you tips on how to make the best seasonal produce taste even better by enhancing their flavors with weed. It’s true, cooking with weed can make your favorite delicacies taste that much better. But, we also know that getting the weed butter or …

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