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We’re your friendly South Seattle legal weed shop, and today we’re talking about the best strains for socializing and having fun. Everybody likes to have fun with friends, right? Beach parties, board game night, hiking through forest trails, or simply hanging out in the kitchen: your best buds make everything better. In fact, you can amp …

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Relaxed woman enjoying music

We are your friendly South Seattle legal weed shop, and today we’re talking about the best marijuana strains for relaxation. Marijuana is a great tool for relaxing and taking it easy. People have used it medicinally for millennia, and thanks to our modern growing techniques, we now have it better than ever. You can puff (or …

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Painter enjoying relaxing creativity

We’re your friendly neighborhood legal weed shop, and this week we’re talking about the best strains for creativity. Marijuana has been igniting creative sparks and easing our troubled minds for millennia (Chinese medical experts recommended the friendly herb to achieve euphoria back in 2737 B.C.E.!) And it’s still sparking euphoric thoughts today. If you want to jump-start …

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woman relaxing with green

Another great week has unfolded at your friendly local source of legal weed. Today we’re going to explore the best strains of marijuana for effective pain treatment. Powerful Relief Across the Ages Even the ancients were hip to the power of the mellow plant to soothe pain and pacify killer stress. Chinese physicians knew of …

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New smokers are awesome. We love you guys. You’re excited that weed is now legal in Washington, and you’re interested in trying it—maybe for the first time, or after a long break.  But in this new legal-weed world, where do you start? First up, you are not alone. We talk to tons of curious first-time smokers each …

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