February 13, 2016 NimBlog No Comments

To vape, or not to vape?

Smoking is definitely the “normal” way to consume marijuana. It’s also usually the first way people try it. Whether in a pipe, a joint, a bong or whatever, your first experience with weed probably involved smoking.

But there’s a new marijuana method gaining rapid popularity: vaping.

What is vaping? Why do people like it so much? And is it better than smoking?

Here are four ways vaping is different from smoking.

1. Smoking Is Hot, Vaping Is Cool

When you smoke marijuana, you are lighting the plant on fire. This creates the smoke, which you inhale. It can feel pretty hot as you inhale it.

In contrast, vaping doesn’t get that hot. Turns out that THC vaporizes at a pretty low temperature. So the vaping device heats up just enough to release the THC. This cloud of THC-rich “vapor” is pretty cool, just a little warmer than your body temperature.

2. Less Smell, More Taste

Let’s be honest: smoking weed is aromatic. And while we do love that skunky funk, it’s not always appreciated by others.

Vaping is way less smelly. It’s a good way to enjoy your habit more discreetly. And because it’s less smelly, folks tend to be more okay with indoor vaping than with smoking.

Bonus: vapers tell us that vaping lets you taste the weed better. So if you’re into the delicate herbal notes, you’re gonna love vaping.

3. Vaping Delivers a Milder High

THC vaporizes at a lower temperature than most of marijuana’s other chemicals. By vaping, you won’t get the CBD, so your high will be milder.

But don’t worry, dude. You’ll still feel it.

4. Fewer Chemicals

The gnarly side is true, too. Burning marijuana (or anything, for that matter) releases some gross stuff: benzene, carbon monoxide, other weird and unknown chemicals. By inhaling that smoke, you’re taking it into your body.

Vapes don’t do that. The lower temperature means you’re leaving those chemicals behind.

Does that make vaping healthier than smoking? Well, scientists don’t know yet. Vaping is too new. (But probably yes.)

5. Vapers Are Totally Cute

If you like gadgets and devices, you’ll love vaping. There are a ton of cool devices on the market. Some look super discreet, and some are ultra-modern tech marvels. Whatever your speed, you’ll find one you love.