January 2, 2016 NimBlog No Comments

Weed has changed since the old days.

New smokers ask us a lot: isn’t weed a lot stronger than it was back in the 1960s and ‘70s?

The answer is: yes. Studies indicate today’s marijuana is almost 20 percent more powerful than what the hippies smoked back in the ‘60s.

But while it’s stronger, it’s also a lot better understood.

Why Is Marijuana Stronger Today?

Today’s marijuana is more potent for two reasons:

1) Decades of selective breeding has created plants with bigger, more resin-y flowers (these “buds” are what contain the cannabinoids, the chemical compounds that actually get you high). Buds today are bigger and have more of those compounds.

2) Generally, we’re only smoking the buds now. In the 1960s and ‘70s, people smoked it all: the stems, seeds, leaves and buds. This meant it took more puffs to get high. But today, smokers disdain the “trimmings” and only want the buds.

Stronger… but Safer

Just because things have changed doesn’t make it bad.

The legalization of marijuana means no more mystery weed, which might contain pesticides, dirt, or other unsavory elements. Now, every bag sold in a retail store is carefully measured and labeled. You’ll know exactly how much THC it contains, and can purchase a low-THC blend specifically. (Check out our special beginner recommendations!)

Besides transparency, legalization also means you can openly ask questions and learn from experts. Maybe you want a creative high, to inspire artwork or music. Ask your friendly retail store clerk. There are hundreds of strains of marijuana, and they’ll help guide you to the perfect type for you.